Terms & conditions

Dear valued customer kindly read through the text of terms and conditions of the Masters golf website before moving forward.

The terms and conditions are applicable to the entire website and users. You need to confirm the acceptance of terms and conditions to access the website. You must understand and read the below-mentioned content before agreeing to the terms and conditions. In case you don’t agree with the Masters golf terms and conditions of website usage, please don’t try to access our website.


The user of the website must be at least 18 years of age. If the person is below that age limit, he should shop through our website under the supervision of a guardian or parents.


Any kind of commercial usage of the website or its products is strictly prohibited by a third party. Without the official permission of the company, no third party can involve in such commercial activities. We can take serious action against the breach of terms and conditions if this situation takes place.


Every user of the website must agree to provide authentic and accurate information to the website for the conduct of transfers. There are some features and services on the website that require a prior subscription in order to fulfill the criteria.


The account owners should keep their account identifiers protected to avoid any misuse. They are responsible for any false or misusage of their account and password. If you notice any unauthorized use of your account, report to our customer support. We will not be responsible for any damage or misuse of such kinds of accounts if you fail to comply with this important section of terms and conditions.


Each user’s submissions on the website such as reviews, comments, and questions are legally considered as the property of Masters golf. You are not allowed to use any other person’s identity or false email address for these user submissions.


Almost all the product images are originally owned by the website. The Masters golf owns the right over the images displayed in the catalog, product descriptions, and advertisements. The professionally hired photographers and their teams perform such tasks for us. The received product may have a little bit different patterns or shades as compared to those displayed on the Masters golf’s website.


You can choose to agree or disagree with the prompt of receiving a promotional email during the registration process on the website. Moreover, you can opt out of receiving such emails simply when you click the link located at the bottom of such promotional emails by Masters golf.